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first day

September 4, 2005

Today i had something to wake up for

it was my first day in the training thingi. i woke up at 730 and prepared myself and i had time to read some pages in that sad novel by abd el rahman moneef ( sharq el motaws6) …
i waited my brother so i can get a free ride , and here i am with my memory problem , i cant remember any road. i feel that every single road in jordan is new one.the company is located somewhere near mecca street but i felt like discovered the street today .

so i was there and i saw a girl from our collage she was leaving in her car , i knew i was late but i said what ever its my first day 😀

anyway i reached the company. someone i knew met me at the gate and i met that employee who gave me things to sign

i laughed .. They told me i have to sign something about the secrets of the company
and that i don’t have any relative who is working in similar companies like this one.
i felt like am doing something strange , of course i signed without reading coz as i know “kolo 3nd el 3arab 9aboneeh “.

the told me to come tomorrow at 830 so i can start my training … so i just wasted my already wasted day by signing these papers..

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