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October 10, 2005

Two weeks ago or more I decided to go to Egypt for my second training period
Hijjawi foundation pays for the tickets and give me a place to live there, anyway
This was something interesting before like 2 years, and students would kill for such an opportunity. Why?
Because they can have fun or they will be trained to have fun not to become an engineer so most of the students wanted that.
But this year no one was thinking about Egypt coz everyone had another ideas in his mind like going to a good company , and yeah they maybe take him for a job ( with a good was6a of course )

So what about me?
I managed to get a relatively good training in a company here for the first three months, but I couldn’t manage to find another good company that can accept me without having a was6a or connections with someone from the HR or so.

So I decided to go to Egypt. Of course after I discovered that we are trained on nothing most of the time and the things that I take in three months can be covered in 3 weeks or less.
The problem now is that Egypt trip will be canceled within a month if no students register, “ what a bunch of nerds “that what an old friend told me. Your are giving Egypt away for Fastlink :D?

I feel like the Arabic proverb was talking about me “ارضينا بالهم والهم ما رضي فينا”

So the result is: do you have any was6a in fastlink or such company 😛

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