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Either you are with us …

November 15, 2005

Either you are with us or against us.

Things won’t ever be that black and white. When we heard this thing coming out of bush’s mouth after September 11 most of us refused it and said this man is just crazy as we thought. Because it’s never this or that thing. I can be part of this and part of that.

Now I heard and read this statement here in Jordan.
I now know for sure how attacks like this can make people think. Emotions control most of the people. They don’t think. And revenge rise up again as a logical way to solve the problem!!

When you hear people say we should hang this woman from her eyes or something like that as we are living in some pre historic life.

I wonder what people do in wars.
And I wonder how we can ask other nations to deal with us as humans if we don’t do that with ourselves.

Now I read in the newspaper that the Jordanian government is in its way to write a new law to fight terrorism and terror acts.
How can we fight something that most of us don’t really know how to define it? Now the government will define terrorism?

May Allah have mercy on us in the upcoming days….

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