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last night

December 26, 2005

I cant get the idea about paying money to be scared?

when u go to play some scary games like Russian mountain or anything like that .. Or even when u pay ur money to watch a scary movie 😀

its funny how we pay for such things. And some people live these things and have to pay nothing but maybe their lives.

2 days ago I watched this movie: … Emily rose// its supposed to be based on a true story .. Anyway it was a good movie and I survived the first night without having any dreams, but the guy who went with me had his share of those dark dreams in the first night..

so yesterday I wake up on the sound of my roommate .. He was sleeping and screaming.. This wasn’t related to the movie in his case coz he didn’t watch it in the first place.. But now I started to have this scary and stupid ideas.. I couldn’t sleep.. So I used my mobile to connect to the messenger and tried to waste my time till I sleep but people ran away from msn 😀 … So I spent my time reading BBC news 😀
thx bbc for ur great amount of news .. So someone in my case can read and read and read…

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