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Last Thursday

March 25, 2006

Last Thursday I booked my ticket, my bus was supposed to be at 2:40 pm but I had the chance to get on the 2:30 pm one, and I wish I didn’t ,someone I knew had an empty place beside him.
I took tow tablets of Panadol coz I had a bad headache, the man just started talking and talking and talking and talking
I tried to listen to something other than his voice, but my CD player wasn’t working at that time (but it worked when I was home!!)
Some people just can’t read your expressions!

The moral of the story : always wait for your bus.

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  1. March 25, 2006 1:15 pm

    aah flashbacks of cabs in jordan! they talk talk talk and they dont even care if u are not interested!!

    not even panadol can cure a headache caused by 3amo taxi when he talks to u abt how he was actually “makhith maGESTAYR” but ended up driving taxi!!! :S

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