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April 6, 2006

Last Monday I did nothing… exactly nothing, I woke up around three pm stayed home and ordered some food and kept on switching between sleeping and TV, I brought a book just in case I wanted to study something but I didn’t.

Yesterday I compared my day with one of my friend’s days… he works and studies , he’s older than me by 3 or more years ,anyways his day has no starts and ends ,its mixed he starts his work around 5 pm and finishes around 7 am sometimes he has time to go and have a fast breakfast at home and maybe rest for a while then he should go to the university .he was talking yesterday and I was thinking about my glorious day “ a day of nothing” -I should write a book about nothing I feel am an expert in that- I told him that.. He said something about even if he had this plenty of free time something will come up and something always comes up.

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