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Palestinian issues

April 15, 2006

Today my uncle came from Palestine; he lives in arabeh –jneen. he was tired of the long and hard journey –if I can call it so-they had to take a shortcut through farms to avoid facing any Israeli soldiers.

I kept listening to him talking about the situation, the poverty, Hamas in power or fate7 people just doesn’t care as long as they have their salaries in their pockets, we, the people who are living aboard know nothing and maybe not willing to do so.

Anyways the reason of his visit was he’s going to AUE with his son to set up a job for him, he said after his elder son was arrested and sentenced for 8 years in the Israeli jails , he decided to take his younger one outside the country , the man cannot afford losing another one.

We can watch the news and comment, argue with our selves and people we know about the situation their, if hamas will do something or not, if hamas was better that the others or not, but in fact there is something that we forget, we are not living their, and as the Arabic proverb says ele be3ed el 3o9i msh zay ele byakolhm.

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  1. April 16, 2006 3:08 pm

    exactly rareef.
    all we know is what the media wants us to know.

    God be with them.

  2. April 16, 2006 9:45 pm

    In deed! You know I used to think palestinians are a group pf people living on patriotic mottos! But then I learned more about what they suffer, and I got myself to understand that they are normal people just like us! The difference is that they lead a miserable life, and they have ot cope with it

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