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June 21, 2006

I did not want to post or say anything about the Zarqawi and deputies case, but yesterday I opened and started reading some of the posts in especially in "politics" and "e7ki wa fadfed" zones. I was amazed and disappointed of those people who want to create their own fights and battles based on that incident. I read in the newspapers many of the flashy titles where I may say most of those people who write are seeking for personal advantages and outcomes from the case.


What to say about the people, they are led by their emotions and I always remember a phrase I read once "individual is smart but a group of those individuals is not".

In I read a post with titled with " 6oz 3a abo faris" and yet it wasn’t deleted nor edited. I remember that we had a rule that no calling names or bad language is tolerated, but I think a site like mahjoob is a sample from the real world and the real Jordanian community when we can change our principles based on our motions.


Now going back to the main subject, four deputies visited Zarqawi's house and showed their sympathies to zarqawi's family (not Zarqawi him self) and I opened alarabya site and read what mhammad abo fares said, well I couldn’t see anything that can be taken as someone who supports terrorism acts.

Quoting abu fares:


محمد أبو فارس: دخلت بالطبع بدأت الحديث "ولا تقولوا لم يقتل في سبيل الله أموات بل أحياء ولكن لا تشعرون" وولدكم نظن أنه شهيد وهو مجاهد نهنئكم به.



ولكن الحقيقة أنا أقول من جانبي أن أبو مصعب الزرقاوي تنكب الطريق باستهدافه أولاً المدنيين ثانياً بفكرة التكفيري وهذا أمر لا نقره عليه, ورفضنا وبشكل قاطع وأدنا العمليات الإرهابية الإجرامية التي حصلت في عمان, وأي استهداف للمدنيين ونحن هذا رأينا وهذا موقفنا وهذه استراتيجيتنا..




النائب الأردني محمد أبو فارس (جبهة العمل الإسلامي): الشهيد عندنا من قاتل في سبيل الله فهو شهيد..
– والغريق والحريق.
النائب الأردني محمد أبو فارس (جبهة العمل الإسلامي): الغريق والحريق شهادة معنوية، أما الشهيد الذي لا يغسل ولا يدفن ولا يعني يكفن ولا يصلى عليه الذي يُقتل في المعركة ويقاتل أعداء الله هذا هو الشهيد اللي كما قلنا شهيد المعركة، أما الغريق شهيد لا شك لأنه هذا إذا رضي ولم يتضجر من قضاء الله عز وجل والنار ترعى جسمه شهيد، لكن إذا كانت الخاتمة إنه ضجر من أمر الله عز وجل ليس بشهيد شايف كيف؟
– حكمهم هؤلاء الأشخاص؟
الأردني محمد أبو فارس (جبهة العمل الإسلامي): حكمهم إلى الله تبارك وتعالى، فهؤلاء حكمهم إلى الله والله عز وجل يتولى أمر الناس ويحكم عليهم.



3azzam hinidi:


عزام الهنيدي: نحن لا نعطي الشهادة لا أحد, ولا ننصب أنفسنا بإعطاء شهادة أو بعدم إعطائها, نحن نقول بأنه تنكب الطريق, وهو أمر واضح تماماً يعني طريق التكفير وطريق استهداف الآمنين المدنيين هذا أمر نرفضه وندينه ولا نوافق عليه مطلقاً.



The man said " I think" he didn’t say Zarqawi is shaheed because no one can say this about any one, Allah decides that not us and we can't know if someone is shaheed or not.


The things that make me feel sad and angry in Jordan these days that we are becoming day after day a country with one opinion, one idea, one thought. So if you should be convinced with one idea and anything that goes against that is bad and corrupted. Now you could be arrested for saying anything that goes against that.


I can't really have a clear vision of the Jordanian political life after 5 years, if we still think like this, what would happen? People try to show their patriotism in a strange ways. At these days, any newspaper writer who just can't find a good topic to write about will choose this one, and someone will read what he said for sure. even if no one did, maybe it would be a good mark in his record.


6ab3an maybe its not that easy for people to see the truth and the real motivations for most of the writers, and they might think that those deputies who said we should try to dismiss those 4 did it for Jordan's sake, well probably it's not. In the parliament, most of them are looking for their interests. Standing with the government or the people in such situation –even if they were wrong – means that the government could treat this member of parliament or that in a helpful way when it comes to his demands for his area or city. Every thing works like this.


*yesterday alghad published the results of a survey about alzarqawi, I'll just spot on some numbers.


How can you describe alzarqawi?


15% answered shaheed wa mojahed

17% just an ordinary citizen.


Do you accept that Zarqawi is a shaheed and mojahed?


27 % said yes


Do you think that visiting alzarqawi's house and showing sympathy did hurt the feelings of Jordanian families who lost someone in Amman bombings?


27 % said no.


Let's say that just 15% of Jordanian people share the same ideas, should we arrest them all?


You can answer this one by your selves.



* most of this post was written a week ago.






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  1. Jameel permalink
    June 21, 2006 3:05 pm

    I really can't stand this beating around the bush, analyzing what the four morons said and did. It reminds me of Bill Clinton's (I did not inhale) justification or trying to redefine "IS". I read statements like "there is nothing wrong in condoling the family of Zarqawi", "condolences were offered to his family not Zarqawi himself" and " we do not condone his killing of innocent people but we think he should get the Nobel Peace Prize". Stop the bullshit, If one thinks that what these 4 members did is O.K. he should have the courage to say so clearly instead of insulting our intelligence by going all technical on us and accuse others of sucking up to the government. Stop talking on behalf of some and analyzing the motives of others, come clean and tell us what you think.
    I will lead by example; here is what I really think:
    -The government is wrong in jailing them.
    -I hope the four stooges will rot in hell for what they did
    -Zarqawi is an ignorant cold-blooded murderer "Az3ar".
    Can you please do the same?
    Tell us exactly what is your position .

  2. June 22, 2006 3:40 am

    This is what Al-Jazeera claimed that Abu-Faris said, and this is why people are angry:
    “that Abu Feras said that Zarqawi is the real martyr and those killed in the hotels are not martyrs but ignorant people (jahileen)”

    The texts you have on your site are not offensive – as you point out. But, the question is… what did he really say?
    What people think he said, is what AlJazeera have reported – on TV and on their website.

  3. Dino$ permalink
    June 23, 2006 4:55 am

    i recently saw the movie “paradise now” and it speaks about palestine and how they bomb themselves and so on…. got me thinking abt it alot and wondering are those ppl martyrs when they bomb themselves for the wrong reasons?

    When someone decides to bomb himeself because he is sikc of life and feels he wants to end his misery?

    As u mentioned shahadah is only for God to decide and not anyone can be given such honor to die shaheed…

    There was a man who was mujahad fe 3ahd al rasool (pbuh) and everyone thought he died shaheed in ma3rakah… then the prphet (pbuh) told them he did not die shaheed . Apparently he was injured in the war and because he couldnt stand the pain he killed himself . ( khalas 3ala 7alo ya3ni )

    So… he did die in war.. fe jihad… and probably if he waited a bit he would of naturally died from the wound itself but he didnt and he chose to die because he couldnt stand the pain and the prophet (pbuh) said he was not shaheed….

    Allah 2a3lam bil niyat and what is in each persons heart and only God knows who is a martyr and who is not…

    Allahuma 2urzuqna al shahadah wa martabat al shuhada2

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