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After graduation

June 30, 2006

My last week was a full one; I am not used to such weeks until now. It started with my graduation on Sunday, well that was nice. The best part was taking photos of me and my friends, those faces that defiantly I won’t see most of them for a long time now.

On Monday I had an interview, it was good but I wasn’t that good 😀 ,the problem that I knew nothing about the company and had a little time before the interview to make a search. But I enjoyed it .


I spent two days preparing my papers, getting the official transcripts and making copies wa absar sho. And I had to finish everything on the morning to have a chance to be there for another interview in amman.


And maybe am going to start a job on Saturday, I was stupid enough to pick Saturday as my starting day for the job, I should’ve choose Sunday and enjoy one extra day.


Anyways I just felt that I should write anything about this week, It seems it was boring after all :D.



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  1. July 1, 2006 12:24 pm

    Mabrook! A piece of advice, take some time off before you start a job! ya3ni 1 week at least!

  2. July 1, 2006 8:57 pm

    well sarli mn 11/6

    wa ma t5afi hada shogol bs heek , awal ma azhaa2 bdi atrek 😀

    ya3ni bs bdi ajareb jaw el shogol shway

    wa alla eybarek fekee againOn

  3. July 1, 2006 10:57 pm

    be5 3aleke 😛

    ahlan wa sahlaan

    well ma la7zt eno horrible that much

    it was good

    3ajbtni settled down, 7aseet 7ale safeneeh 😀

    ana metla7ele7 7abteen

    btw bkra bablesh :p 7akat ma3i el 3amto 7aktli ta3al bkra

    wa alla eybarek fekee again , 3adi dalek e7ki hal kelmteen l2no ma bazhaa2 mnhmo , jameleen 😀

  4. July 2, 2006 12:06 pm

    howa el salamo 3alekom

    hayni bl dawam ( 3a asaas ya3ni )

    elmohem hay el sherkeeh bs be3tloo el jom3aa

    shayefee 😛

    fhmti ?

    ya3ni ah bdi adawem ma3hm el sabtaat eza daleet ma3hom 😀

    wa domtom tho5raan la el ommeh el 3arbyeeh wa el eslamyeeh 2olee amen

  5. July 2, 2006 12:32 pm

    mabrook again n again n again…. ya bash mohandes Raeef 😛

    Keep us updated, I’m curious to know how would u feel about ur first job 🙂

  6. Bob permalink
    July 5, 2006 3:30 am

    Jordan must outlaw torture: UN rapporteur

    AMMAN (AFP) – UN special rapporteur on torture Manfred Nowak has urged Jordan to criminalise torture and close special courts that protect police and intelligence offenders.

    “I feel there is a general impunity in relation to torture in the country. Impunity is a major reason for why torture happens,” Nowak told a news conference after a two-day fact-finding mission in Jordan.

    “Torture must be made a crime,” he said, adding that he will file a report with his recommendations to the UN’s reformed Human Rights Council — of which Jordan is a vice chair — and the UN General Assembly.

    Nowak singled out the detention facilities in Amman of the General Intelligence Deparment (GID) and the Central Investigation Department (CID) of the Public Security Forces as “notorious” torture centres.

    “I have enough evidence to conclude that in those two places torture is practised systematically,” said Nowak who visited the GID and CID detention facilities as well as three prisons south of Amman.

    Nowak complained that officials at the GID and CID obstructed his fact-finding mission “in violation of the terms of reference of the visit agreed upon by the Jordanian government”.

    He said he was denied the right to take pictures and have a private interview with detainees at the GID, while officials tried to hide evidence at the CID.

    Nowak also charged that police, prison and intelligence officials get away with mistreating detainees because if charged they are prosecuted in “special courts” rather that in ordinary tribunals.

    “The special police and intelligence courts must be closed,” he said.

    He also recommended the closure of the Jafer prison, an isolated desert penitentiary 260 kilometers (160 miles) south of Amman, where he said beatings were “systematic” although he added that he did not believe that was part of a “systematic policy of torture” on the part of the Jordanian authorities.

    06/29/2006 11:14

  7. July 5, 2006 1:32 pm

    Dear Mr.Ra2eef ,

    Mr. 2al :ch:

    mabrooooooooooooooooook :yai:

    o meno lal a3la :-o:

    ba3raf met2a5reh 7ata katabet :shy: again mabrooooook :shy:

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