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why i don’t update my blog that often these days?

February 3, 2007

first of all coz I don’t have many things to write these days, maybe am getting into this life where routine occupies most of home work home… even if I went out , it also goes under the routine ,if I wanted to talk about something with importance let’s say the situation in Palestine,I feel sick not because of one of the parties but mostly sick of me and this though that I feel nothing ;everyday the feelness is getting bigger and bigger and eventually it will kick out any feelings I may have . I think if things keep getting worse and worse my heart will be as hard as a rock , I will feel no pain and killing people will not be one of eye catching news.


why I don’t talk about people?


a friend of mine was so happy about UAE winning the khaleej cup she said watch Dubai channels to know how much people are happy,I told her I wont,bl a5er 6l3t zen5 ln2o  I wont seemed that UAE are becoming crazy with that,festival and parties everywhere like they won the world cup or something.I was reading some list about the prizes that those players will get,cars, millions of dhz and many more.alla eyzeed wa eybarek.this reminded me of Lebanon , where the streets are full of protestors and clashes taking place you can watch star academy 24/24. yes this is how LBC fights civil war , using star academy .


I wont say that people should paint themselves with black bs ya3ni eshi wa meno.


I hear and read something like ” Palestinian are killing each other,shame on them ” ok shame on them but what about us?

aren’t we the shame itself?

leaving them like this alone wa fo55ar eykaser ba3do?

I keep saying to my father why are you watching news?its useless.we can do nothing and just reading news like 25 killed in clashes between fateh and hamas. the thing that we thought is far aaway is now a living fact.i really don’t wanna be numbed i just wanna keep feeling.

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  1. February 3, 2007 11:53 pm

    Yes, I finally got an answer for my question 🙂

    Wallah I do not know what to say … This is ironic!

    Your last sentence is true; the day we all start to become numb and lose any emotions inside of us is the day we die as Ommeh 3arabeyyeh :s Wait, are we not at that stage already?

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