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May 6, 2007

you can kill rats for 5 euros.. we keep chasing the rats here but we never get rid of them.. we can live with 10 euros


its not exactly the same words but its the idea; I was watching this documentary on Aljazeera documentary channel, it was talking about gipsies but I don’t know where but I guess its Spain or something near it ( I don’t know cause I just watched 10 minutes of the program).


the man was saying that in the city if someone had a problem with rats he will get rid of them by paying 5 euros but in the area where he lives … he keeps trying to kill them everyday…


in weddings and parties rats dance with us..


the program is based on small chitchat between the people.. just ordinary people.. they have strange ideas and thoughts .. but anyway all of them share one thing.. they want a better life. I know that we all want that, but comparing them to most of the poor people here I think most of our people live in a good situation compared to that.


anyway … one man was asking about the reason behind the creation of humans… “we are here to suffer ” he said. it started with the apple and now we are here to suffer.


our thoughts and beliefs differ depending on our economical situation.. or at least it affects it in a way or another.. if someone was living a very good life he will never think that he’s here to suffer.

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