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Cycling Day

May 12, 2007

As a start it wasn’t a day, just 2 hours maybe. My friend asked me if am interested in a ” hike and bike day” on Friday so I said yes, I think normally I don’t yes such activities but I feel am a little bit more active this month and started to look for new things to do. The meeting point was the 7th circle Safeway, from there we went to a small farm in Madaba. There were about 20 participants some of them were from US and UK.


I was afraid when I said yes that the weather will be very hot that why we picked the 8-11 trip but because of some factors they told us that our trip will be from 11, but as you know yesterday we didn’t see the sun 😀 it was dust everywhere. We picked our bicycles and helmets and signed the thing that says if we died we can’t sue them 😛 . I tried my bike to figure out if I still know how to use it or not, because the last time I used one was maybe 13 years ago.


It was a little bit hot in the start but after a while it started to be cool, people thought that all of us were tourists and of course all of them said Hi. the trip was well organized and we had a guide and a pickup with drinking water,refreshments and some additional bikes just in case. actually my friend needed one cause his bike wheel was punctured just few minutes after starting. I and my friend were so tired after about an hour so we got on the pick-up for 5 minutes then we continued, finally we were there :D, according to the guide he told us that the trip length was about 25-30 Km long. So that was good cause I didn’t die 😛


anyway this trip is organized every Friday and sometimes they do it in Wadi Rum and other places, I really don’t know the details but I can ask my friend if someone was interested.

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