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sharm sheikh

June 8, 2007

I’ve been planning for this trip for more than a month and every time we decide to go something happens; one time I couldn’t get 2 days off my work because I had to be in a stupid meeting, the other time was the same thing for my friend who couldn’t leave his work for 2 days… Anyway, finally we took those days and went to sharm.



We decided to go by boat and bus rather than a plane because we said it won’t be that bad, actually I think if we were living with another nation other that ours everything would have been more and smoother that what happened to us. Anyway, the trip to sharm takes like 9 hours but it took us around 13 hours to be there. Why do people need to stop that much when they are using buses? Do they do that in a plane? Of course, no. once took the bus from New York to Washington DC and we never stopped, why to take a rest anyway when all you need is the rest room so if one is available on the bus why to stop. I guess we are just costumed to be late. We just love that.


Other than the misery of the bus, the trip was great, and because this is my 3rd time in Egypt, I already know that Egyptians know who to treat tourists especially in a place like sharm shiek. Although I don’t know how to swim (shy) but this time I used a diving mask and a Snorkel and I swam for a long time in the sea where you can see many fishes and other things that you will never sea in Aqaba or at least it won’t be that easy there. Really, it was marvelous.


The worse thing in going in such a trip is that you have to go back to work again 😦 , why?

I just hate it.

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