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picking the channel

June 15, 2007

Between my father’s view where he mostly blames Hamas for almost everything that is happening in Gaza and my friend who is happy that Hamas took over control there and assassinated that guy that I keep forgetting his name. I feel am lost. I prefer to watch Gladiator instead of watching news with my father because I feel he is full of sadness with nothing to do but watching news all the day. Watching Palestinians figures talking on Aljazeera or anything like it… war of words turned to be a real civil war but at the same time, they keep saying we are heading toward the civil war… I wonder what can we call what is happening in Gaza now? Semi-civil war?

Between my brain and me … I feel am lost

At this time, I think the worst thing to do is taking sides. The best thing to do is to watch anything but news. Because at the end am already lost.

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  1. JoOd permalink
    June 16, 2007 7:48 am

    ana mray7a rasee mn awal ma enwaladet :-o:
    la news wala ma ye7zanoon :-o:

    mafee a7la mn el animal planet :l:

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