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I Am small but the world is big

October 22, 2007

4:30 am

It seems that am not going to sleep tonight -I don’t know why, I only drank hot chocolate! – So here are some thoughts that crossed my mind…

My friend said that he likes to fall in love and to be in a relation, knowing that he didn’t live in one; I figured out that I can’t blame him. Every one of us likes to try everything just for the sake of trying maybe

Anyway I was thinking about some guys I knew, they changed their lives just because they met someone,Maybe I was this close(>  <)  to do the same thing but I think I really was lucky.… Just if she passed by you at that cretin moment she will change you simply it is not you anymore! A body, heart and an empty head, after that you start making plans, crazy plans that you really wouldn’t think about it if you had 1/4 of your mental health. But that’s it. Sometimes those plans work for you and in most cases they won’t.

I know this guy who used to say he will get married when he’s 27 or 28, few months later he got engaged! Don’t tell me he planned that. It just happened.


For such a generation –my generation– I believe that commitment should come after twenty 7 or at least in my case, because to tell you the truth till this moment I can’t make my mind about what I want to do In the upcoming years; to carry on with my studies, continue working in Jordan or catch the first opportunity to work somewhere else.

I Am small but the world is big (a phrase from a song), I know it’s simple but it’s true.

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  1. October 22, 2007 3:08 pm

    off topic comment:
    Heeeeeey! your theme is almost like mine.. i haven’t been here before, Maioush likey 🙂 (especially the butterfly) …

  2. DaNi permalink
    November 3, 2007 3:07 am

    Hii Raeefito!!! How are you?? long time without knowing about you 😦 hope everything is doing ok for you… 😉

    You know?? I think that people come into our lifes in the perfect time…with some reason, over time we finish discovering if people are in our lifes for a moment, for a season or for a lifetime….

  3. November 30, 2007 10:01 pm

    i dont there is a specific age when its supposed to happen i myself put 25 as a deadline luckily i met my husband right before my 25th birthday ! but i feel that people make a big deal about age and there is too much stress when it comes to marraige that they sometimes would marry the wrong person just to meet there “deadline” thinking that their biological clock is ticking!

    Some meet the right person at and early age some might even reach 40 i guess it happens in the right time for each an everyone! what i learnt is to not try to make it happen because God has a bigger plan for you 🙂

    ngool mabrook?

  4. January 3, 2008 8:56 am

    el 7ob a3ma 😀 . I agree with you that one must be ready in all aspects, socially, financially and emotionally. Unfortunately some guys when falling in love rush to make a commitment just bcuz they’re emotionally ready not taking into consideration that many things are still missing to make them really ready.
    inshallah you feel that you are ready soon la nesma3 el akhbar el taybeh :p

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