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October 22, 2007

I noticed a nickname on my MSN’s contacts, it was ‘abu el 3ez’ and knowing that this contact was a girl it was strange to see abu el 3ez as her nickname (especially that most of the nicknames I used to see there were ‘love songs’-related, I asked ” -who is abu el 3ez?”



aperantly I was left behind because of bab el 7ara, because I guess that 99% of the people I know in my tiny world watched it,which is not that important as “why did they?”. anyway am not going to discuss or think about that “why” cause its not of my concern at this moment and I only want to say something in my mind before I sleep,the strange thing that many people liked and loved characters in that series; Characters that in their real life they will mock them or say : ta5alof just for seeing them walking in the street, for example let’s talk about abo el 3ez, from the articles I read and from my friends’ comments and chit-chat about him I made a good idea that he has many good points , but at the same time he is considered harsh with females especially those who are a part of his family. so the funny thing is some girls find him attractive and discrib him as the man that they are happy to say -in a series like life-” I wanna marry him”, but in fact and coming back to reality they will hate his guts everyday. It is just another form of our hypocrisy. even when it comes to series and fun I discover that we have multiple personalities in one body; where a girl wanna wear tight pants and smoke cigartes and get beaten or get a good amount of shouting by her husbend abo el 3ez for a mistake. Maybe am taking a picutre from a diffrent angle!

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  1. October 22, 2007 10:20 am

    thats a good one raeef … i think ur right … nothing to add …

  2. October 22, 2007 11:11 am

    Exactly! I used to say that on TV, we liked Mo3taz, we liked to see him and laugh at him, because it’s TV and you want someone irrational to beat the bad guys up! (not the girls) while in realuty, we would much prefer the one who’s considered sissy on the show, because he’s not really sissy, just rational and not nervy… but after all it’s TV and people want to let out what they can’t express in reality in the same way!

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