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Gaza and the UNSC

January 23, 2008

I watched a part of the UN security council in the emergency session that took place today, if you only heard what the Israeli representative said there! He really flipped everything 180 degrees, if someone who knows nothing about the situation in Palestine and particularly Gaza watched that acting, he will say ” oh poor Israelis ,look at these Israeli children who live in Sderot , they have disabilities in sleeping…” on the other hand over than 70 Palestinians in Gaza have died not by rockets or Israeli attacks but just because they cut off the electricity, children in Gaza can’t sleep not because they have a bad nightmare! but for more serious reasons like losing a father or being sick and left there without medication. the Israeli guy says that we should not mix between the “self defense” act that Israel is carrying against Gaza or Hamas and between what “Palestinian terrorists ” do! what kind of a world are we living in?

Azmi Bshara said that Israel has always said that they are going to attack Gaza in a massive way, and when Bush was here days ago, he said that US understands if Israel carried a massive attack against Gaza, and after that Bush visited many Arab countries and no one said anything about that !!

I really don’t expect that their representative will say anything that might be in the favor of Gaza’s people but the man managed to turn the situation to a self defense against Hamas, he didn’t say Palestinians but he wanted to focus on one thing that the Palestinians in Gaza elected Hamas and Hamas is the responsible for what is happening!


I don’t know what will the people of Gaza benefit from my anger or the anger of millions and millions of Muslims and Arabs! May Allah be with them.

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  1. January 23, 2008 6:26 pm

    I’m speechless here and when I tell my friends and people around me that we should be vocal and proactive, they say nothing will change, and what can we do infront of Israel, US and our leaders!
    While what we can do other than writing is create a dialouge with Americans and people in the west who elect their presidents and politioians. Those are the people that we should reach

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