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15th of May

May 19, 2008

Year after year I watch news reports about 15th of May, the same faces, same places; old man holding his grandson’s hand, telling the reporter that we will never forget, and we will go back to our homes in Palestine, if it wouldn’t be me, then it will be my son or his son or …

I keep remembering these snapshots of old men and women holding their old houses’ keys, big and black keys, not as big or as black as the tragedy itself. The tragedy of losing a country in two strikes.

We should always remember (if we have ever forgotten) that we still have the keys of our homes; we still tell our children that your father and your grandfather were born in yafa, hayfa…

We should tell them that somewhere there on some mountain, your grandfather had a land full of olive trees, trees that refused to be ripped off from the land of Palestine, just like the people who stayed or the people who refuse to forget Palestine no matter what they face.

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  1. June 12, 2008 2:09 pm

    liesh 3itmeh kteer hayk in your blog! ifta7o il daw 🙂

    my friends birthday was may 15th yawm an nakba! :S

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