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Samples of Jordanian practices

June 18, 2008

I’ve started a new hobby recently, taking photos of anything that irritates me, I thought about sharing them:


1- Common driving practice:

this is one of the most irritating stuff that you can encounter while driving, I was waiting for the green light (the second car or rectangle second from the right), when a car (to be accurate, the police vehicle which usually comes to investigate car accidents, who by the way should obey the law more than us, the drivers!). I hate this action the most, I mean we all there waiting for the green light, but someone from the back thinks that he’s so special, he’s the CEO of Google or Apple, and has no time to wait with these people for a minute or a half, so he crosses everybody and goes from the the back of the line to be the first one and closes half of the other side just to win a few seconds in his trip to buy a cup of tasteless coffee.



tawdaee7 lali bedo DSC00098


2- Common lack of something!

we can see two boxes where they collect money for Tekyt Om Ali and King Hussien Cancer Center, but some people thought that these boxes can be very useful doing something else, serve as garbage cans to throw ATM’s receipts and cinemas’ brochures.


DSC00088    DSC00087











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  1. Tim permalink
    June 18, 2008 11:56 pm

    nice .. you scratched me where I itch

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