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December 8, 2008

Everyday I face something that makes me hate the people more and more! Tonight I was in the car with my friend, my speed was about 60 km, I guess I was busy talking or something and I was driving on the rightmost side of Al-madeneh el tebyeh street. A guy in a white pickup behind me starting to use his lights to signal me. At first I though it was by mistake, an innocent mistake, but it wasn’t. Apparently the guy was trying to speed up and go to the left side of the street -which wasn’t empty btw- so he wanted me to speed up so he can go! I mean why the hell did they make three lanes on that street? If I want to go 60 on the rightmost side then it’s my business especially on a street where’s the speed limit is 80 Km. So this stupid guy wanted everyone on the street to drive on the speed that he wants.

Anyway he finally had the chance to go the the left side and when he crossed me he almost hit my car. I didn’t have the chance to take his number and my friend said you will gain nothing anyway.

If I wrote about every stupid and rude behavior that I encountered today or in the past year, my blog would be filled with such posts ! really people here need lots of work when it comes to manners and the way that they should behave, really irritating !

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  1. Tim permalink
    December 8, 2008 2:22 am

    don’t forget the assholes @ b restaurant .. 2al msh eno ma fee za3tar bel man2osheh .. 2al elza3tar mlaze2 beljebneh 3shan haik mo mbayen .. walak yl3an ****** … lma ykon fee jebneh aslan !

  2. December 12, 2008 8:10 pm

    Tim seems pretty pissed off lol!

    Well yes driving in Jordan is extreme bas here in Kuwait it is very bad although the roads are very well planned and organized. Women drive like freaks and they don’t have respect for us ladies driving, they would sometimes honk, use lights, try to hit and act nasty. So many times I wanted to just bump my car into someone else’s bas menshan a6alle3 hal anger!

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