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iPhone 3G special offers !!!

December 25, 2008

I don’t know what’s so special about their offers?

I read a part of an interview with the CEO of Orange mobile, he said something like” Orange’s subscribers will be able to live the full experience of the iPhone 3G”. How will they be able to have such experience without using the 3G service itself*!

Now let’s forget about the 3G service, let’s think about the cheapest offer iGold 500, they will give you 500 minutes, 500 MB of data (not 3G speed of course) and a package of 250 SMS, all of that for 30 JDs and the iPhone 8GB itself for 299 JDs. Well 500 MB is nothing if you want to think about the iPhone Internet capability where it can load full web pages and play youtube videos, Watching such videos will certainly require more than 500 MB. Now let’s read the conditions of using the 500 MB


To ensure optimal quality of its voice and data service across the network and in order to make this service accessible to all, Orange reserves the right to suspend any service that comes with this package in the event of abuse of the service, such as:
The data service offered can only be accessed with your iPhone.
Use of the SIM in a modem.
Voice over IP
use of phone for transferring peer-to-peer files
Any other abuse suspected by Orange
Whenever Orange suspects that behavior of any kind listed above has occurred, Orange retains the right to make checks in order to protect its network.
In the event of any of the above-mentioned forms of abuse, Orange has the right to suspend at any time the service you are using.


You can’t use your 500 MB for VoIP, or connecting your laptop. What about UK? check this link

pick the 35 pounds monthly plan , with this plan you will get unlimited Data and WiFi, 600 minutes and 500 SMS and the iPhone 8GB itself for 99 pounds.

In City Mall the iPhone display counter was empty (really empty when I passed by it few days ago) I think that shows the predicted number of people that are going to buy it from Orange!


* 3G service is not available in Jordan yet, we will possibly have it in 2009.

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    Thank you very share use

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