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US army..Iraqi freedom 101

April 6, 2010

A video was released by Wikileaks showing US soldiers in an Apache shooting more than 12 people. Based on the video, they thought that  one or two men were carrying an RPG and a gun, So they started shooting everyone. It’s obvious that the concept of  “presumption of innocence” is not applied on Arabs.

I wonder, if these are the kind of videos that leaked, imagine how many massacres that we don’t know about. I think that these soldiers were just playing a live video game

“Keep shooting!,” yells a U.S. soldier recorded in the chopper radio traffic.

“Oh yeah, look at those dead bastards,” responds another.

“Nice!” adds a third.

I checked the news in some websites,  Alarabyeh website did not mention anything about this video ! The irony is that fox news had it in its first page.

Check this report

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