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Why do Jordanian hotels hate Jordanians?

July 26, 2010

I spent my weekend at a five starts hotel in Talabay. We got an offer from an agency, apparently all Jordanians knew about the offer too: d . Last year I went to a four stars hotel also in Tala but there was hardly anyone from Jordan. From the first hour I had the pleasure to see something that you will never see in any five stars hotel (I hope). Fresh human stool in one of the showers near the main swimming pool! Yes, believe it or not. I talked to one of the managers who seemed to be surprised by such an observation.Let’s talk about swimming pools. “Don’t jump” doesn’t mean anything to anyone; guards on duty kept telling everyone that jumping is not allowed. People and sometimes the whole family will jump at the same time. Some felt that there is an obligation to challenge the ‘NO’. They did the same thing with “no children are allowed in this pool”.

Breakfast buffet? I was behind a European lady in the bakery line; she was monitoring what’s happening on that stand. People taking some bread then putting some back after touching it. A mother left her little daughter alone there, she replaced one donut after having a bite  then replaced all what she had in her dish back to the bakery baskets. The lady was disgusted to the degree that she was willing to skip the breakfast and that what she did.
Some pool news again: They usually close all swimming pools and leave the main one open till 10 pm, in our second day they did close this one too, which made me wonder why they change their policy each day! A friend of mine told me afterwards that he heard the employees talking about finding stool in the pool too  so they closed it early that night to clean it.
I remember reading a review of one of Sharm el Sheik’s hotels, the review was by an American girl and most of her review was focused on the behavior of Jordanian groups.

P.S : I don’t know if the same one did it twice or two different people, this is one of the mysteries that needs to be solved.

This post only represents my experience and it doesn’t mean at all that all of our people behave the same way but I can assure you if we keep on doing this few of those who come to Jordan will recommend it to their friends.


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  1. December 26, 2010 10:33 pm

    za oneeee 🙂 its good to see ur blog again! its been a while 🙂 hope all is well

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