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Same old same old…

January 20, 2011

You can find a manual/ guide for everything these days, from those two lines guides telling you how to open a medicine bottle to a 7000 pages manual for a satellite (I never saw one but I assume). I was given a guide two years ago, a gift from my scholarship program. A guide that covers living in the US from day one to the last day. To tell you the truth, although I read the whole thing I don’t think I used that much of it, but something I liked was talking about the culture shock of going back home. Well, they know it and we know it, It’s not easy to compare Jordan with the US and of course I will have some kind of shock, but the question here is did I change in the past two years? Do I look at Jordan differently now?

I used to compare the situation in Jordan with so many countries even before studying in the US, we lack so many things but it surely depends on the country, if you compare Jordan with Syria you would say that it’s more “developed”.  The most annoying aspect that I face in my daily life is dealing with people; we really have some issues here! Few days ago I went to a Zain branch to get the internet settings for my mobile phone since the automatic configuration didn’t work. I took a number from the machine and instantly my number was called to counter 4, but I had to wait for like 1 minute because the guy was talking to his colleague. I really don’t mind waiting 5 minutes, but if you call my number it means that you are ready to have me, if you are not ready don’t just press it. Then, you have to give the customer some attention and not keep looking at the screen like I am not there, you are a customer service representative for god’s sake. Anyway, the guy told me that he doesn’t know how to work with these devices, and according to him, the guy who knows was not there that day and I should come another time. So I need an expert from Zain to get internet settings for my phone?

Few days ago I went to  Fudrucker. Since when it’s a must to use a valet? Isn’t this a service? An optional one? It’s not just about this restaurant; all the places want to get money out of it! Most of the parking lots were occupied by valet signs and were empty, so where should the customers park? On the streets? Why should I hand my car to someone that I don’t know, and don’t know if he has a driving license to start with!  In case something happens to the car they will show you a printed line on the card they gave you saying something like “ We shall not be held responsible and the holder of this ticket assumes all risks in respect to loss or damage to the vehicle and its contents regardless of cause “  This is actually what is written on one of the valet cards that I took a picture of in 2009. ( Ok , here is the card)

I discovered that the seats had awful cuts, reminded me of the coaster bus rides that I used to have , just get a “ control” and you will get the same atmosphere. I remember when Fudrucker opened, the manager or the duty manger was there in almost all my visits, workers were much friendlier. It’s always the same thing with business owners in Jordan, they start with a 5 stars service and end up closing after few years or people just live with the bad quality.




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  1. January 21, 2011 4:40 pm

    Be petulant about it buddy 🙂 Just like you I used to feel bad about this crappy service, and I used to feel even worse when they treated others (e.g. girls) really good, but frown when it was my turn. Now I make them regret it and shake in awe. I can give you a couple of lessons if you want ;p

  2. January 21, 2011 6:22 pm

    Post your lessons for the whole nation :p
    The thing is, if I am paying my money for something I don’t want to keep fighting to get the service that I think should be delivered to me. I should save my energy for something more useful than that:D

  3. January 21, 2011 8:00 pm

    Not fight man 🙂 on the contrary, you will be chuckling with delight. The point is try to confuse them, it is easy and effective 😉

  4. January 21, 2011 8:18 pm

    Ok, till now I’ve seen no lessons posted 😛

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