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RawanCake, the finale

March 21, 2011

I went to Rawan Cake to grab some cake ( obviously 😀 ) , and the place was loaded with people but not that much of people waiting on the cash. Anyway, I bought a cake for 7.5 JDs and gave the cashier 20, and when I checked the amount he gave me back it was 7.5. I was 99% sure that I gave the man 20 since it was the only 20 in my wallet and actually the biggest bill there, I went back to him telling him so. He said no you gave me 10, I told him if I gave you 10 you would have given me 2.5 ! He said we have to check it on the camera to see. Although I told him logically it seems that I am right, because otherwise I would have taken the extra 5. Anyway, I waited for 10 minutes during which I kept reminding him to see if the magnificent man behind the closed door checked the camera or not, but they were very slow.  I told him that 10 minutes is too much to check a camera! His tone changed and his voice become louder, although I was talking politely but customer service is something very rare in Jordan let alone such a place! He told me give me your mobile number and we will call you at the end of the day 😀  Here I asked to see a manager , he said there is no manager! I told him I want to see the one in charge then, he said I don’t know where he is. Then, another man came and said sorry , you gave us 20! The cashier even didn’t say sorry. I complained to the other guy and told him that this is not the correct way to deal with a customer and walked away. I now regret it, because I should have took my money back and gave them the stupid cake. I thought that this place was getting a little bit better but I was wrong. Apparently understanding the concept of customer service is harder that solving Maxwell’s equations for these people. I am known for complaining a lot about places, but it’s really not me 😀 During my studies in Boston, I don’t remember that I encountered such incidents. I remember that I went back to a small pizza place after maybe 20 minutes because he made a similar mistake, he returned the money and said sorry many times without the need for a camera or any blah blah.



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  1. March 21, 2011 10:09 pm

    And you keep asking me why I have run away from there, enjoy the luxury living in a state where quality of service has never been introduced or even mentioned in the dictionary.

  2. March 21, 2011 10:48 pm

    You should move to Canada, I assume customer service is better in UAE but western countries still rule IMHO

  3. Adel permalink
    March 21, 2011 11:00 pm

    What about you, dear customer? You went back to him telling him so. So you didn’t count the change before leaving the counter! Whose fault is that?

    Here is what I think:

    1) Do not blame the cashier for wasting 10 minutes of your life. It is your fault too. Count before leaving the counter!

    2) They were willing to check the cameras to help you, but you kept annoying the poor cashier.

    3) You should be glad they have cameras. Seriously.

    4) You told them what you think about their service which is great and usually helps businesses become better.

    My father once complained at a fast food restaurant because the order took too long. The manager showed him the order time on the receipt, but he refused to listen and continued to complain. Maybe it is not you, but some customer service people go nuts for a reason!

  4. March 21, 2011 11:06 pm

    Sorry, but from where did you get that I left the counter? I told him so as soon I counted which was 10 seconds after I got the money.
    How much time does it take to check the camera? 30 seconds? Add to that the the cashier wasn’t polite. Customer’s time should come first in any business, it’s not the customer’s fault if a cashier made a mistake. Mistakes happen but there is a good way and bad way to handle them.

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