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April 7, 2011



Today we got 3D glasses with Al Ghad newspaper, today they started putting some 3D ads in the newspaper. I didn’t find it that useful but anyway, it’s for free and if you have the time and effort to put the glasses on whenever you see the 3D sign then enjoy. I don’t think that we need 3D glasses in Jordan, I want only to be able to see the truth behind the 2D newspaper. They should send us “truth glasses” . Something that we can use to read statements by officials. How will an Arabic newspaper look with such glasses? Empty maybe?



While wandering around in City mall, I walked by Opel’s  stand where they had an Astra and Insignia. I was reading the specifications when someone asked me to take his picture next to the Astra. I said to myself, well this is weird! What’s so interesting about an Astra? I remembered that in my short trip to LA, people gathered around a car, it was a Bugatti. I don’t think that any other car would have been able to slow people down there. Where Maserati, Rolls Rise and Mercedes are like Kia Sephia to Jordan.  Well, I hope one day that people in Jordan will only stop to take a picture next to a Bugatti. Allah kareem.


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