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Tax on mobile internet services in Jordan

April 8, 2011

Now we know that the tax on mobile phone services is around 30%, so 12 JDs recharge card will cost around 15.6. Tax on internet services like ADSL is 8%. This tax is the same for WiMAX and 3G based internet using USB dongle / router. Now what I find  strange that if I buy an internet bundle or bolt from Zain to use it on my mobile phone I will be paying 30% tax to use the internet. So basically if you are using 3G service via a USB dongle you will pay 8% but if you are using the same service using your mobile phone you will pay 30 %. The thing is I can use my mobile phone as a wi-fi hot spot and use the internet bundle on my laptop. 8% should be fixed for all kind of internet technologies, don’t you think so ?

Here it says that the tax will be 8% regardless of the technology used. Are we getting ripped off two times ? First because of the high tax on mobile services and secondly because we are getting charged for extra 22% on the mobile internet services? Is there something that I am not aware of ?

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  1. Mohammad Dayyeh permalink
    April 25, 2011 11:18 pm

    Wallahi You are aware of it Raeef , but what can we do with such a bad policy in the Telecom sector 😀 , maybe due to the good regulatory body we had in Jordan 😀

  2. Shhawuz permalink
    May 10, 2011 2:55 pm

    Please point at the mistakes or misconducts in services. It happens in the whole world. UK is robbed off by Orange for many years, until vodafone shaped up and trying a more fair and sustained service of daily developing technologies. I was and my friends were practically and rudely robbed by first Jordanian-French internet services provider in Jordan. Before we had any internet, we paid 2.200JD per minute to call Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world! We gave missed calls to the USA and recieved calls back..I remember paying for just ringing an international number. I had to make my calls from my nice neighbours’s phonelines. Yet, I waited 3 years to get a phone line provided for my home during the backward and corrupt days of the telefon services of the past, who ever had a wasta took a line in 2-3 months. When the superior I personally asked and argued asked his ppl why I was not given a line in 3 years after kashif? (Was it my previous LandLORD who scissors cut my cablesas well as my electricity and water supplies to force me out of the flat I paid the rent of it in advance?) I was given it that same day! Alas! My mother died the same day. I never heard her voice again. God punish in daylight who caused all that to my angelic mother and us.

  3. Shhawuz permalink
    May 10, 2011 3:06 pm

    The more ppl come forward and tell the truth, life will get better for today and the future. We live in Jordan and that means we live for Jordan. Jordan is our home. Who ever tries to rob our home must be warned and if goes on, must be brought into limelight if was doing it for selfish reasons or mistake,not to have it go on.. Our young and aware must watch the developed countries for what better can be brought into our home or even better can be done here. .
    Why should mobile phone companies should grow into large baloons then burst flat? Why should governments be partners in such mistakes?
    Saudi is applying a new programme to improve driving on road. I wish we had that right here. Sidewalks must be lowered in level but MUCH higher in quality to promote walking on them. Not on treadmills that a few can afford.

  4. Shhawuz permalink
    May 10, 2011 3:52 pm

    Raeef is right %100 ! Can we find a way to avoid using any services wrapped in complex loox to rob us unaware? They may only care when they see they loose. Companies and governments hand in hand to squeeze the most out of the user…

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