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Orange sucks!

April 10, 2012

I was crazy to believe that Orange could be a good ISP, so I canceled my subscription with Zain and went back to Orange. That was some months ago, and I picked Home 1 offer where you get 5GB of download limit and open download from  12am-12pm, plus extra GB for 1.5 JDs.

The offer was good since most of my downloads happen in the night and that’s why I picked this offer. Few weeks ago, they raised the price of the extra GB from 1.5 to 2 JDs.

Today I got this :


Basically there is no open download anymore and I will get  only 5GB from 12am-12pm, and actually if Home1 didn’t include open download I wouldn’t have picked it or picked Orange. Anyway, I called customers’ service to see how to cancel my subscription, Halema said, you can’t. You are tied with a one year commitment. I told her that I made a commitment based on what you offered then, you didn’t tell me that you are going to change the offer after few months. Anyway, I know that Halema has no power and she kept saying that I can’t and there is no way to revoke the contract.

This is another example of bad customer service, trick the customers with fake offers, then change whatever you want and tie them with a one year commitment. This might translate into more revenue but certainly less happy customers, but appearantly the latter doesn’t concern this company.


Apparently complaining will work sometimes, I called TRC and they already had so many complaints about this issue. Anyway, it seems they worked out a deal not to change the policy for old customers.

From Orange FB groub:

مشتركي عرض ميز بيتك الأعزاء،
حرصاً منا على المحافظة على العلاقة الوثيقة التي تجمعنا بكم مشتركينا الكرام، وضماناً لرضاكم، فإننا نحيطكم علماً بأنه لن يتم إجراء أي تعديل على سعات التنزيل اللامحدودة خارج وقت الذروة (ابتداءً من الساعة 12 عند منتصف الليل وحتى الساعة 12 ظهراً) للمشتركين الحاليين في عرض ميز بيتك.
راجين منكم اعتبار أي إخطار سابق بهذا الخصوص لاغياً.

ولمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الاتصال على الأرقام: 1214 أو 064608888.

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