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Sports City

May 3, 2011

I am showing some of my positivity in this post 😀

I have been going to the running track for the past three days and I am loving it. Although it’s in the center of Amman (somehow) but you barely hear any noise from the city. I was introduced to this track by a friend of mine last summer, before that I really didn’t know that it existed. I am surprised that we have something like this in Jordan and I hope that we will have similar and better tracks in the future. A green place where people can exercise for free.

I am not a runner but I like to be :p I like walking or fast walking and sometimes I push myself to run. I started using this app on my phone and it’s very good in tracking what I do and encourages me to do more in the next visit.

Here are some pictures that I took yesterday


Tax on mobile internet services in Jordan

April 8, 2011

Now we know that the tax on mobile phone services is around 30%, so 12 JDs recharge card will cost around 15.6. Tax on internet services like ADSL is 8%. This tax is the same for WiMAX and 3G based internet using USB dongle / router. Now what I find  strange that if I buy an internet bundle or bolt from Zain to use it on my mobile phone I will be paying 30% tax to use the internet. So basically if you are using 3G service via a USB dongle you will pay 8% but if you are using the same service using your mobile phone you will pay 30 %. The thing is I can use my mobile phone as a wi-fi hot spot and use the internet bundle on my laptop. 8% should be fixed for all kind of internet technologies, don’t you think so ?

Here it says that the tax will be 8% regardless of the technology used. Are we getting ripped off two times ? First because of the high tax on mobile services and secondly because we are getting charged for extra 22% on the mobile internet services? Is there something that I am not aware of ?

Just another random post

April 7, 2011



Today we got 3D glasses with Al Ghad newspaper, today they started putting some 3D ads in the newspaper. I didn’t find it that useful but anyway, it’s for free and if you have the time and effort to put the glasses on whenever you see the 3D sign then enjoy. I don’t think that we need 3D glasses in Jordan, I want only to be able to see the truth behind the 2D newspaper. They should send us “truth glasses” . Something that we can use to read statements by officials. How will an Arabic newspaper look with such glasses? Empty maybe?



While wandering around in City mall, I walked by Opel’s  stand where they had an Astra and Insignia. I was reading the specifications when someone asked me to take his picture next to the Astra. I said to myself, well this is weird! What’s so interesting about an Astra? I remembered that in my short trip to LA, people gathered around a car, it was a Bugatti. I don’t think that any other car would have been able to slow people down there. Where Maserati, Rolls Rise and Mercedes are like Kia Sephia to Jordan.  Well, I hope one day that people in Jordan will only stop to take a picture next to a Bugatti. Allah kareem.


RawanCake, the finale

March 21, 2011

I went to Rawan Cake to grab some cake ( obviously 😀 ) , and the place was loaded with people but not that much of people waiting on the cash. Anyway, I bought a cake for 7.5 JDs and gave the cashier 20, and when I checked the amount he gave me back it was 7.5. I was 99% sure that I gave the man 20 since it was the only 20 in my wallet and actually the biggest bill there, I went back to him telling him so. He said no you gave me 10, I told him if I gave you 10 you would have given me 2.5 ! He said we have to check it on the camera to see. Although I told him logically it seems that I am right, because otherwise I would have taken the extra 5. Anyway, I waited for 10 minutes during which I kept reminding him to see if the magnificent man behind the closed door checked the camera or not, but they were very slow.  I told him that 10 minutes is too much to check a camera! His tone changed and his voice become louder, although I was talking politely but customer service is something very rare in Jordan let alone such a place! He told me give me your mobile number and we will call you at the end of the day 😀  Here I asked to see a manager , he said there is no manager! I told him I want to see the one in charge then, he said I don’t know where he is. Then, another man came and said sorry , you gave us 20! The cashier even didn’t say sorry. I complained to the other guy and told him that this is not the correct way to deal with a customer and walked away. I now regret it, because I should have took my money back and gave them the stupid cake. I thought that this place was getting a little bit better but I was wrong. Apparently understanding the concept of customer service is harder that solving Maxwell’s equations for these people. I am known for complaining a lot about places, but it’s really not me 😀 During my studies in Boston, I don’t remember that I encountered such incidents. I remember that I went back to a small pizza place after maybe 20 minutes because he made a similar mistake, he returned the money and said sorry many times without the need for a camera or any blah blah.



Same old same old…

January 20, 2011

You can find a manual/ guide for everything these days, from those two lines guides telling you how to open a medicine bottle to a 7000 pages manual for a satellite (I never saw one but I assume). I was given a guide two years ago, a gift from my scholarship program. A guide that covers living in the US from day one to the last day. To tell you the truth, although I read the whole thing I don’t think I used that much of it, but something I liked was talking about the culture shock of going back home. Well, they know it and we know it, It’s not easy to compare Jordan with the US and of course I will have some kind of shock, but the question here is did I change in the past two years? Do I look at Jordan differently now?

I used to compare the situation in Jordan with so many countries even before studying in the US, we lack so many things but it surely depends on the country, if you compare Jordan with Syria you would say that it’s more “developed”.  The most annoying aspect that I face in my daily life is dealing with people; we really have some issues here! Few days ago I went to a Zain branch to get the internet settings for my mobile phone since the automatic configuration didn’t work. I took a number from the machine and instantly my number was called to counter 4, but I had to wait for like 1 minute because the guy was talking to his colleague. I really don’t mind waiting 5 minutes, but if you call my number it means that you are ready to have me, if you are not ready don’t just press it. Then, you have to give the customer some attention and not keep looking at the screen like I am not there, you are a customer service representative for god’s sake. Anyway, the guy told me that he doesn’t know how to work with these devices, and according to him, the guy who knows was not there that day and I should come another time. So I need an expert from Zain to get internet settings for my phone?

Few days ago I went to  Fudrucker. Since when it’s a must to use a valet? Isn’t this a service? An optional one? It’s not just about this restaurant; all the places want to get money out of it! Most of the parking lots were occupied by valet signs and were empty, so where should the customers park? On the streets? Why should I hand my car to someone that I don’t know, and don’t know if he has a driving license to start with!  In case something happens to the car they will show you a printed line on the card they gave you saying something like “ We shall not be held responsible and the holder of this ticket assumes all risks in respect to loss or damage to the vehicle and its contents regardless of cause “  This is actually what is written on one of the valet cards that I took a picture of in 2009. ( Ok , here is the card)

I discovered that the seats had awful cuts, reminded me of the coaster bus rides that I used to have , just get a “ control” and you will get the same atmosphere. I remember when Fudrucker opened, the manager or the duty manger was there in almost all my visits, workers were much friendlier. It’s always the same thing with business owners in Jordan, they start with a 5 stars service and end up closing after few years or people just live with the bad quality.




Why do Jordanian hotels hate Jordanians?

July 26, 2010

I spent my weekend at a five starts hotel in Talabay. We got an offer from an agency, apparently all Jordanians knew about the offer too: d . Last year I went to a four stars hotel also in Tala but there was hardly anyone from Jordan. From the first hour I had the pleasure to see something that you will never see in any five stars hotel (I hope). Fresh human stool in one of the showers near the main swimming pool! Yes, believe it or not. I talked to one of the managers who seemed to be surprised by such an observation.Let’s talk about swimming pools. “Don’t jump” doesn’t mean anything to anyone; guards on duty kept telling everyone that jumping is not allowed. People and sometimes the whole family will jump at the same time. Some felt that there is an obligation to challenge the ‘NO’. They did the same thing with “no children are allowed in this pool”.

Breakfast buffet? I was behind a European lady in the bakery line; she was monitoring what’s happening on that stand. People taking some bread then putting some back after touching it. A mother left her little daughter alone there, she replaced one donut after having a bite  then replaced all what she had in her dish back to the bakery baskets. The lady was disgusted to the degree that she was willing to skip the breakfast and that what she did.
Some pool news again: They usually close all swimming pools and leave the main one open till 10 pm, in our second day they did close this one too, which made me wonder why they change their policy each day! A friend of mine told me afterwards that he heard the employees talking about finding stool in the pool too  so they closed it early that night to clean it.
I remember reading a review of one of Sharm el Sheik’s hotels, the review was by an American girl and most of her review was focused on the behavior of Jordanian groups.

P.S : I don’t know if the same one did it twice or two different people, this is one of the mysteries that needs to be solved.

This post only represents my experience and it doesn’t mean at all that all of our people behave the same way but I can assure you if we keep on doing this few of those who come to Jordan will recommend it to their friends.


AIPAC.. Outreaching

April 16, 2010

Well they play it the right way. Every year AIPAC sends hundreds of invitations to students from all over the US. Students who most probably are involved in student’s government or active students bodies and have leadership rules or attributes. Their logic is that the leaders of the US will most probably come from such students. So think about it, an american student who knows a little bit about the true situation of the Israeli occupation, and he gets an invitation from the most powerful lobby in the US for a fully paid trip to Washington DC. How many of those will be likely to understand the real situation when he or she be a leader or activist in the US politics…

This is a video from their last meeting